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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Error Posting to Table POP30390. Restore from a backup if possible

Posted by Armanino Dynamics Team

Had a support call where customer with a brand new Dynamics GP 2010 Install, all 282962_4217420760459_350721136_nupdates applied, literally the latest and greatest from Microsoft (Except SP3 we are still testing it in our labs).

The call was interesting because a batch held in Financial coming from Receipt entry was stuck with the following conditions:

  • The transactions where doubled (2 journal entries per transaction)
  • and a singular message: ERROR: Posting to table POP30390. Restore from a backup if possible.


Error 2

I did search Bing right away with no good looking  results. I did the initial review as always with the dexsql.log file until something interesting appeared to be holding the transaction the “Breakdown Allocation” field. This field was enabled, so first things first, backup and restore to test company, I updated the field to 0, removed the doubled JE’s from the batch and it posted just fine.

Later on I skipped to old friend Google and it did brought a case in the community that suggested the same approach user Vishal Pandya1 suggested the same fix however this case appeared for them after an upgrade for GP 10 SP3 to SP5.

The case can be found here Error Purchase receipt batch would not post


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