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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Integration Manager–Importing over 255 characters

Posted by Armanino Dynamics Team

Hello all, after being absent for a few weeks here I come back with a tip for all of you that really enjoy working with Integration Manager (and those who don’t….).

As you may know my posts originate from being in the front lines working support and aiding fellow coworkers in need, my friend Chastidy presented me an issue with Integration Manager, the customer is trying to record data into the Internet Information window specifically to the “Additional Information” field. When they verified the field properties it says it holds up to 32,000 characters, if they copy and paste the contents being imported it saves just fine, but Integration Manager is truncating to 255 chars, but the field option is set to cancel the document, not to truncate at max.

First thing on my mind was “Challenge Accepted”, the solution its simple, I went to the data source properties and verified the columns available, I noticed that the field data type chosen was “String”, if I recall correctly from my IM self training class Strings are limited to 255 characters, and if you would like to import more than 255 characters the other data type that will allow this into a field like this one is “Long VarChar”, once I changed the data type in the source properties voila!!! information uploaded correctly.

Then the next thing on my mind was “Oh Yeah!!” and pictured me with dark sunglasses.

This small change has a huge advantage and saves a lot of headaches.


I hope this works for you and keep the comments flowing.


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