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Monday, October 8, 2012

Easily Create Landing Pages for Content Requests with CoreMotives

Posted by Armanino Dynamics Team

I just revamped my content download request routines to include a focused landing page and “Thank you” page. This was relatively easy to do and didn’t require any coding because I used standard CoreMotives functionality to create and manage the routines.

I used to just have simple (boring) forms set up so if someone wanted to download one of our whitepapers, they could just enter their name and e-mail address, and then the relevant download URL would be e-mailed to them.

Now I’ve added a customized landing page for each piece of content. Here’s an example. It includes some information about the download to assure the requester that they’re on the correct path, and looks better than a naked form:

Manufacturing Insights

I have the “Thank you” message embedded in the same page after the form is submitted. I plan on enhancing this page with other options for engagement.

This provides a better experience for the requester and provides additional options for conveying your marketing message.


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