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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Managing Multiple Documents in a Microsoft GP OLE Container

Posted by David Meharg

We’ve heard of some folks having a heck of time managing multiple documents (6-20 individual .pdf’s) inside of a single OLE Notes window.

Well, you probably recall that, by default, when you insert a document, it creates a front cover image of the document and places it in the Notes window.  If you add more than one, they start to stack up on top of each other.  If you have bunches of images, it becomes a nightmare to dig through the pile and find the exact one that you want.  In fact, the dragging of documents slows the system down considerably.

The answer is to change your approach to managing embedded documents, and start a conversion process that changes the document to be displayed as an icon instead of a picture of the document.

By default, if the file is a PDF, the “name” given to the icon is Adobe Acrobat Document.  This isn’t very descriptive.  It would be much better if you could rename the icon to reflect what’s contained in the document.  Well, you can do just that.

Just select Edit >>> Change Icon… you can edit the label attached to that particular icon.

If you have multiple documents attached in the OLE Notes window, you simply arrange the icons in whatever fashion makes sense and “save” the container in that form.  The next time you open the Notes window, the icons will be displayed all nicely arranged.  You simply double-click the one you want to open.  No more digging through a pile of document images.

Hopefully this will save you a tremendous amount of time, particularly if you are on phone and need to open just the right document very quickly to answer questions.  This will permit that.

Below is the procedure that explains the process.  Note that it’s also very easy to give the icon the right label when you create a new document to attach.  Simply click on the “Save as Icon” checkbox.  That will give you another button to push called, “Change Icon.”  Pressing that gets you to the window where you change the label for the icon.

Enjoy your new-found knowledge.

1.    Open the OLE Notes container of the Employee.
2.    Single click on the document you wish to convert.

Screenshot of Microsoft GP OLE Employee Notes Container

3.    Click Object >>> Display as Icon.

Screenshot of Displaying Documents as Icons in Dynamics GP

4.    Right click on the extra-large icon that results from the conversion.
5.    Select Reset Size from the menu.

Screenshot of Resetting the size of a Document Icon in Dynamics GP
Screenshot of A Reset Document Icon in Microsoft GP

6.    Select Edit  >>>  Change Icon… from the toolbar.

Screenshot of How to Change a Document Icon in Microsoft GP

7.    Change the icon label to reflect the document contents.

Screenshot of Changing an Icon Label in Microsoft GP

8.    If multiple documents are converted to be icons, arrange the icons in a logical fashion on the virtual sheet of paper.

Screenshot of Rearranging Document Icons in Microsoft GP

9.    Save the OLE Container.
10.   Next time the Container is opened, it should display the icons in the same position in which you saved it last.

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