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Monday, April 15, 2013

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013: Changing your printer and other cool new features!

Posted by Katja Brinck

What do printers, home pages, and document attachments all have in common?  They are all some of the new exciting features in Dynamics GP 2013! Read on for a preview of what you will get to experience in the latest version of GP.

Printer selection at time of print

We have all been there – you print a report or a check, select the printer icon, and you are pointed to the wrong printer. No matter what you do…there was no changing it. The only option was to close your report, void your checks, change your default GP printer, and start again.
At long last, GP 2013 now allows you to select your printer at the time of print. When you select the Print button, it will bring up a printer selection window, and you can easily switch printers every time you print.

Screen Shot of Changing Printer In Dynamics GP 2013


Home page/area page changes

There are now a lot of new options when personalizing the home and area pages in Dynamics GP2013. Previously, users were able to minimize sections of a home page or area page, but didn’t have many options behind that. Now, users will be able to move entire sections around or completely hide sections they don’t care to look at, as well as add Business Analyzer reports and dashboards to their home page. In addition, each individual section has a scrolling bar, so it won’t be necessary to scroll way down the page to get to the desired menu selection – making it much easier to see all the options available.

In my financials home page example, I decided the default view had too many sections. If I mainly use cards, transactions, inquiry, and reports, I can remove the other sections, and put these in an order that make sense to me. I can also set one section to take up the main screen, with the other sections are tiled to the side.


Screenshot of Homepage Changes in Dynamics GP - Before 2013


 Screenshot of Homepage Changes in Dynamics GP - After 2013


Document Attachments

Throughout all the versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP, documents could only be attached to records through the OLE Notes window. This works fine, but can be a lot of clicks of the mouse to attach a document, or multiple documents. Here is a past tutorial on Managing Multiple Documents in a Microsoft GP OLE Container.

In this era where companies are trying to print less paper, and store information electronically, Dynamics GP is starting to roll out the ability to more easily attach documents to certain windows in GP.

Once Document Attachments have been enabled, a paper-clip icon will be available on master records, including the Customer, Vendor, and Item cards, as well as transaction records, including Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order Processing transactions.

Screenshot of Document Attachments In Dynamics GP 2013- Customer Maintenance

Clicking the paperclip icon will open the Document Attachment window. From here, multiple documents can be attached to the record. Documents can even be previewed directly from this window.

Screenshot of Document Attachments Management In Dynamics GP 2013

Once documents have been attached, the paper-clip icon will display as holding a piece of paper to indicate there is an attachment.Screenshot of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 - Document Management FeaturesThese are just a few of the new features that are available in GP 2013 – there are a lot of other new features to discover, so stay tuned for future blogs about Dynamics GP!

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