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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

“Doug Pitcher’s OFFICIAL 100 most famous, awesome and totally influential Dynamics people for 2013” is almost here

Posted by Armanino Dynamics Team

The drama is building. The countdown is on. I can hardly wait for the release of the “Other List” so we can enjoy another year of snarky awesomeness awards. The whole dynamics world is clamoring about the possible inclusion on the honored Awesome list  (who wouldn’t, it’s awesome) but some are still campaigning for the other list. Here are a few campaigns under way.

My favorite shameless plug is Leslie Vail’s. She mentions the “Other List” but firmly plants herself on the Awesome list. A good multipurpose advertisement. She gets my vote for both lists although I confess (ha) that I hope she is is in the low nineties on the other list so she has a chance at top billing on the awesome list.

The professor wants to get in on the Other list. No mention of the awesome list here so that severely limits his admittance to the awesome list.–2p5b2-9u56230&_v=2

Steve Endow goes all inclusive on his campaign strategy. I like his list. Most, if not all will get some Awesomeness love.

But probably the most ingenious strategy goes to Dwight Specht who is offering free beer for anyone that votes for him. That just might get him nominated to the other list if he’s not careful.

In watching all the above strategies over the course of the past month I’ve come up with my own few pointers on getting on the “Other List” followed by a few tips that will increase your chances on getting on the 2013 Awesome list. Hope you enjoy.

  • Add an “Other List” link to your email signature. Surely someone you communicate with cares about you and will vote for you
  • Get office mates to put an “Other List” link for you in their email signature. Why not flood the world with your name. For example, It’s amazing how many “please vote for Linda Rose. Page 9 on the “Other List”” emails and discussions that have been sent around our office.
  • Get your spouse or significant other to put an “Other List” link in their email. That will keep you somewhat at arms length but still tap into your ancestral pool of potential voters. If your grandma and grandpa or mom and dad won’t vote for you, who will
  • The goldmine is to get your kids to start a social media campaign for dear old Mom or Dad. You bought them a smart phone. Why not put them to work? They are on it all day anyways and you can’t tell me that’s not a better use of time than texting during class. You can even send them a note to school that they have your permission to use their phone for that sole purpose.
  • Hire a temp worker to vote for you. Believe it or not you can vote as many times as you want for yourself. Right now each vote is worth about .01%. I tested this out by voting for Leslie a hundred times. I moved her up a full 1%. Your welcome Leslie.
  • I guess if you can find a sucker like me to vote a hundred times for you there is no need for a temp worker. Maybe the relative approach is the lest expensive way to go. Think of how valuable Grandma or Grandpa would feel if you told them to keep pushing that button or the world is going to end (ha, Lost reference for those that caught that)
  • Consistency is key. Keep blogging and mentioning how much it will mean to be on the “Other List”.
  • If you haven’t started blogging, you better. Everyone I know is voting for David Musgrave like fifty times just because he’s a famous blogger and also in the attempt to get him finally nominated to that “Other List”. (I wish there was a way to take off nominations, like a minus one vote. I have no idea who some of these candidates are and if I don’t know them shouldn’t that decrease their influence?)
  • Finally, if all else fails, cheat. Surely there is some type of script that could be developed to vote automatically. Come on, David Musgrave, if you can’t develop an automated approach to this maybe you don’t belong on the “Other List”.

Ways to get on the Doug Pitcher’s OFFICIAL 100 most famous, awesome and totally influential Dynamics people for 2013:

  • Be Awesome
  • Write a blog saying you wish you were awesome. I excluded Patrick Roth last year from my awesome list only to have him follow up with “I’m so depressed, I’m not awesome this year” post. To be honest, I didn’t know Patrick even knew I thought he was awesome
  • Or let me know you care by introducing yourself. I’m pretty sure half of the people I meet are secretly trying to bump their chances on my most prestigious list
  • Send chocolate
  • Please don’t send too much chocolate. Unlike the “Other List” I’ll know if you are padding the odds in your favor
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