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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

FP:Bad component offset.Form:80 Wind:1 Fld:14 in Dynamics GP

Posted by Armanino Dynamics Team

I never feel good about myself when I read error messages like the Bad Component Offset error. Why can’t Microsoft just say you are going to have a crappy day today, might as well go home? I’d feel great if I saw that. None the less I had to stick it out and fix my Wind:1 Fld:14 error. Whatever that is.

We received the above error while setting up a new company in Dynamics GP. Tech Doc 861608 suggests synchronizing the account framework as a fix but that didn’t do anything. I was beating my head against this when Tami Jones started yelling at me for all the space I was taking on one of the servers. Looks like all the backups I’ve taken over the past few months was hogging like 100 gbs worth of space on this server and I had filled the hard drive up. My initial thoughts were:

  1. What’s so bad about being a chicken and backing up every time I do anything.
  2. I’m a hoarder. Who knows when one of those backups might come in handy.

Once we got rid of all my refuse the error went away.

When I started looking at this error I was cussing Microsoft’s name for such terrible error messages. After I found out it was my fault I decided to try to stop cussing and to clean my house more often (don’t tell my wife that last one. By house I meant server. I wouldn’t want for my wife to get her hopes up.)

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