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Friday, June 7, 2013

The type of Dynamics consultant you want

Posted by Armanino Dynamics Team

I had the pleasure to watch from afar how a fellow consultant dealt with an issue her client was having in GP. I say from afar because I had little to do with the issue but was copied just in case I may be able to help.

The consultants situation involved a third party product to GP and because something was not working her client was faced with receiving fines if the software didn’t start working that day.

Here’s a summary of the events:

8:54 am I see this email come through: CUSTOMER IS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I personally jumped to see what was wrong. It wasn’t really related to me so left it alone as I was sure the people involved would take care of it.

9:29 am Email to ISV that says roughly “here’s the issue, we need new or temporary reg keys for this client”

9:32 am Follow up email with different subject line

9:43 am Another follow up email to ISV

9:47 am Another email to someone else at ISV trying to get a response

9:50 am Email from ISV as follows


Please REFRAIN from sending different emails with totally different subjects as this morning, you have already opened up 3 NEW tickets in our system.  Please use the same one.  We are already looking into this and getting back to you shortly.***************

******Side note**** At this point I’m laughing and we have several people in our office commenting on this issue. I call someone on my team to make sure we can’t do anything to help. I’m assured our team is on top of it and waiting for reg keys so we can get them input for the customer.

9:55 am ISV responds further

9:58 am Crisis is averted and plan put in place to resolve issue completely

I’m sure there were several calls involved as well but I wasn’t privy to those efforts.


I’d like to hear what everyone thinks about this exchange of events. I wrote down a few comments I expected but thought otherwise as I’d like to hear what things come to mind when seeing the summary of events above without me jading the conversation.

OK, one jading comment – I wish I had a consultant that’s persistent and engaged for whatever issues are important to me. I love the fact she got the attention of the people involved and didn’t wait for a response. I’m sure she rather get yelled at for being annoying then risk the client’s well being.

I personally wasn’t much help in this situation but I was aware of the issue and took action just in case I was able to help.

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