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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Avoid Auditor Confusion: Enable Posting Numbers in Microsoft Dynamics GP to Create a Sequential Numbering System

Posted by Megan Fall

In Microsoft Dynamics GP it is a normal occurrence to find Journal Entry (JE) numbers in the general ledger (GL), which were either skipped or posted out of order. Why? Because:

  • People begin transactions only to be deleted, which causes a JE number to be skipped,
  • Transactions are left in batches for days before posting, which puts their JE numbers out of sequence by date
  • Manual JEs are created to adjust balances, thus pulling a JE number out from module use.

 Problem: Auditor Inquiry

It can become messy in the GL, and this can be an issue when auditors stop by and want an explanation for missing or out-of-order JE numbers.

Solution: Enable Posting Numbers

This is an often-forgotten feature in GP, and it can be of tremendous help during audits or when reconciling the GL. Posting Numbers provides an alternative numbering system, which is sequenced 100% by the posting date and time.

To set this up, go to Administration>>Company>>Options>>Select ‘Enable Posting Numbers’

Screenshot: How to Enable Posting Numbers in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Once enabled, JEs will display the Posting Number in addition to the normal JE number:

Screenshot: Example of Posting Number in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Additionally, you will be able to view all Posting Numbers used by year or period to aid in reconciliation and to show auditors:

Posting Numbers for Auditors in Microsoft Dynamics GP


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