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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Removing the Old Data Mart in Dynamics GP Management Reporter

Posted by Greg Horner

Recently we had a few customers with a heavy load of financial data in GP, which can gum up the refresh process. Here are two tips to help  to overcome these data mart challenges in Dynamics GP Management Reporter 2012:

  1. Sometimes, when attempting to refresh the data mart, you think the data mart is removed, but it isn’t.

    You first disable the data mart, then proceed to remove it in the configuration console.  After you do that, you remove the data mart in the SQL database.  When trying to rebuild the new data mart, you get an error saying that the “integration is already in place.”  This is because the data mart never was completely removed.

    Solution: To fix this, you can create a blank database in SQL called “ManagementReporterDM” and then remove the data mart one more time from the configuration console.

  2. If you have difficulties refreshing a data mart, error logs are created. These can get quite large if you are not checking on things. (You can setup a notification, but that’s another discussion.)

These messages are stored in a table in Management Reporter called “scheduling.Message.”  You can see how many records are in this table by running a select statement. Select * from scheduling. Message or select count (*) from scheduling.Message to get a count of those messages.

We had a customer with a count in the millions, and that was slowing down the process of removing the data mart.  We simply ran a select statement (truncate table scheduling.Message) to remove those records, which allowed us to successfully remove the data mart.

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