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Monday, March 9, 2015

Running Workflows in Dynamics CRM 2013

Posted by Carlos Perez

This post from Tales from the Trenches covers running workflows in Dynamics CRM. Recently, I encountered a situation in which I needed to use a workflow to update over 45,000 existing records in CRM 2013. As you may know, it is possible to execute workflows manually – if they have been configured to run on-demand – but unfortunately, this functionality is limited to a maximum of 250 records. The limit would have meant selecting the records and manually running the workflow 180+ times!

Fortunately, I discovered this great tool: the CRM 2013 Bulk Workflow Tool. Among other useful capabilities, this tool allows the user to circumvent the 250 record limitation. (For reference, the tool is compatible with CRM 2011 UR 12 and higher, despite its name).

The CRM 2013 Bulk Workflow Tool is designed to run beneath XRMToolbox. (If your team has not yet installed XRMToolbox, I recommend installing that immediately – the Armanino CRM Team considers it an indispensable resource. The XRMToolbox canbe downloaded here:

Next, download the .DLL file for the CRM 2013 Bulk Workflow Tool from through this source.

Move that .DLL into your XRMToolbox folder, as shown below:

Running Workflows in Dynamics CRM

The next time XRMToolbox is opened, you will see the CRM 2013 Bulk Workflow Tool, as shown here:

Running Workflows in Dynamics CRM

Select the workflow you would like to execute, along with an existing view that defines the group of records to be updated by that workflow. Alternatively, you can create and specify a FetchXML query to indicate which records should be updated. A record count will be displayed as it executes each batch of 200 records.

Running Workflows in Dynamics CRM

The CRM 2013 Bulk Workflow Tool has already saved us an enormous amount of time, and I hope you find it useful as well when running workflows in Dynamics CRM. Find more troubleshooting, tips, and tricks in other installments of Tales from the Trenches.


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