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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nutraceutical Quality Assurance in the Spotlight

Posted by Armanino Dynamics Team

Nutraceutical Quality Assurance in the Spotlight

Recent negative press and threats of legal action have sparked questions about the safety and integrity of nutraceuticals. In early 2015, the New York attorney general’s office subpeonaed four major retailers of herbal supplements for evidence proving their product claims. They had tested store-brand herbal supplements sold at GNC, Walgreens, Walmart, and Target and discovered most of the products did not contain the ingredients listed on the label. Some even contained ingredients not listed on the label at all. This testing has spurred a focus on nutraceutical quality assurance.

While there were concerns about the political motivations behind the testing, which industry trade groups have countered was flawed, the recent publicity has focused a spotlight on the need for clear quality assurance issues for nutraceutical companies. One retailer, GNC, has taken steps to ensure the quality of its products, including reaching an agreement with the attorney general’s office to expand its testing and supply chain traceability processes.

The activity in NY didn’t stop at the state’s borders. Fourteen additional states have now requested increased FDA oversight as well as the consideration for more stringent industry-wide requirements. It is essential for nutraceutical companies to ensure higher level quality controls.

While the rules are vague – and unfortunately, open to interpretation – nutraceutical companies can stay ahead of the regulatory requirements and potential changes with well-documented systems and accurate data. Organizations can utilize their ERP system to help set up preventive systems and maintain adequate internal controls to enable adaptability for any future changes.

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