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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dynamics GP 2016 Features Sneak Peek

Posted by Steve Chapman

Microsoft has been a little shy to document new features that will be released in the upcoming Dynamics GP 2016 version (expected in April 2016). However, there have been some announcements at reIMAGINE and the GPUG Summit and this is what I’ve been able to cobble together regarding the Dynamics GP 2016 features.

Here is the classic GP Roadmap. It doesn’t tell you much aside from the fact the product is moving forward:
Roadmap - Dynamics GP 2016 Features Sneak Peek

So let’s take a look at some specifics.

All-in-One Document Viewers
From the chart above, the extension (inventory, sales) of the “All-in-One Doc Viewers” is a big plus. This makes it easy to hunt down related documents in your system. If you haven’t seen the first document viewer released in GP 2015 R2, it was for the Purchasing module. It allows you to easily view related invoices, POs, receipts, and payments, so you can track the documents related to a specific PO, for example. Here is a video that shows this in action:

Budget Import Exception Report
This is a nice feature because it will let you know what budget items haven’t been imported properly into GP. Before, you had to create a separate Management Reporter (MR) report to list the budget for you and then compare it to the Excel spreadsheet you just imported, or more likely discover omissions at reporting time when the budgets don’t quite “make sense”. This will be a time and frustration saver.

Power BI Reports on the Home Page
This will allow you to create interactive dashboards using Power BI and Office 365 and include them on your GP client home page. Power BI is pretty easy to use and worth checking out. Here’s a quick video about it:

(The released functionality for GP will be more seamless than indicated in this video.)

Adios to Silverlight
The Dynamics GP web client has been hampered by its reliance on Silverlight. The GP 2016 web client will utilize HTML5 which solves a couple of problems. The web client will be available on a variety of browsers and the user interaction and performance will be more natural and better meet users’ expectations.

Project Accounting Purchase Requisitions
Finally. This is such a natural extension of the new Purchase Requisition functionality, it will be happily received by many. It will also allow the use of workflow functionality.

Change Workflow Approval Conditions and Notifications
This adds some additional functionality which will make workflows more useful and the good news is that workflow functionality continues to receive development. I expect to see new GP objects that will have workflow attached to them as well as improved administration tools and functionality. All good things! Of course, as we get closer to April there will be more information on new features released by Microsoft.

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Learn more about Dynamics GP and consider upgrading to the current version of GP while awaiting the full release of the Dynamics GP 2016 features.

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