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Monday, July 18, 2016

Top 7 Reasons to Upgrade Your Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted by Steve Chapman

As one of the largest Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics GP Partners in the world, Armanino is excited to share that Microsoft has made some very important enhancements in its release of GP 2016. Read on to learn some why to upgrade Dynamics GP for your team.

Focusing on more transaction process controls and ease-of-use features, we’ve summarized some of the key highlights below. As always, if you would like to learn more about Microsoft GP, contact us anytime.

Following are the seven areas where you’ll see new enhancements.

 1. Project Accounting

New features in Project accounting allow users to automate and enhance the control aspects for both internal and external projects.

  • Requisitions
    • Project Number and Cost Category ID fields available in Purchase Requisition Entry Window
    • Requisitions with project and cost category can be part of a workflow process
    • Project and cost category flow to Purchase Order
  • Document Attachment
    • Use Document Attachment feature in PTE (Project Time & Expense) Employee Expenses and Employee Expense Entry
    • Header and line attachments can be added to an employee expense
    • Attachments will flow from PTE to Project Accounting, to Payables

Below is a screenshot of the new Project Accounting Purchase Requisition form, including a workflow status ribbon to show users the current state of the specific requisition’s workflow (optional).

Purchase Requisition Entry Screen - Upgrade Dynamics GP

Want to see this in action? View the video:

2. SmartLists
Additional enhancements in SmartLists and SmartList Designer continue to make this favorite reporting tool more effective and easy to use.

  • SmartLists from Favorites
    • Create new SmartLists from existing favorites using SmartList Designer
    • User doesn’t have to remove all extra columns from the default SmartList
  • Import/Export SmartLists from SmartList Designer
    • Users are able to export and import SmartList definitions created using SmartList Designer, from one installation to another
  • Add SmartLists created using SmartList Designer, to SmartList Options
  • Numbers exported to Excel will be formatted as a number, not text

3. All-in-One Document View
The All-in-One Document View screens allow users to easily view the common relationships between multiple documents in Dynamics GP. The previously released Purchasing All-in-One View is joined by similar screens for Sales and Inventory.

  • Sales
    • View all related sales documents for a single transaction in one window
    • Accessible from Customer Maintenance, sales inquiry windows, navigation lists, and the home page
  • Inventory
    • View quantity in and quantity out transactions for one item in one window
    • Accessible from Item Maintenance, item inquiry windows, navigation lists, and the home page

Here’s a video that shows how this works:

4. Budgets
Importing budgets from Excel into Dynamics GP is a great way to protect budget information and make it available for financial reporting. These two features make it easy to ensure that budget data is accurately and completely imported.

  • Budget Import Exception Report
    • When importing a budget from Excel, an exceptions report will print displaying accounts that aren’t set up in Dynamics GP
  • Duplicate G/L Accounts
    • When importing a budget from Excel, an exceptions report will print displaying accounts that are duplicates within the Excel file. The first record will be imported.

Here’s a quick video that shows this in action:

5. Power BI Reports on the Home Page
Power BI is a Microsoft reporting tool that allows organizations to create reports from several data sources and present these reports via many device types. Presenting these types of reports on the Dynamics GP Home Page gives users access to up-to-date information and allows them to further explore the data.

  • New part on the Home Page to display Power BI reports
  • Click on the report to take users out to their Power BI site

Here’s an example of a Power BI dashboard that’s quick and easy to create from Dynamics GP data:

Power BI - Upgrade Dynamics GP

Here’s a video that shows an example of using Power BI to create a dashboard:

6. Payroll
These are some new features that makes Dynamics GP Payroll easier to use and maintain.

  • Payroll Posting Accounts Setup Ease of Use Enhancement
    • See all posting accounts in a navigation list
    • Easily filter and sort accounts with navigation list functionality
    • Export and import payroll posting accounts using Excel
  • Inactive Pay Codes Lookup Option
    • Option to exclude inactive pay codes from the pay codes lookup
    • Works for Employee Pay Codes Lookup and the Pay Codes lookup window

7. Workflow
Microsoft continues to enhance the native Dynamics GP workflow mechanism and extend it to additional objects within GP. These new features add functionality that allow greater customization to meet your organization’s needs.

  • Workflow Reassignment Notifications
    • Email notifications can be sent to a new approver for:
      • Delegation
      • Escalation
      • Alternate approval
  • Workflow Condition Management Enhancement
    • Two new options available when step conditions are not met:
      • Continue to next step
      • Reject
  • Word Templates for Batch Approval Workflow Emails
    • Workflow Batch Approvals have a default Word template for the edit list for:
      • General Ledger Batches
      • Payables Batches
      • Receivable Batches
    • Can be emailed to approver for complete information before approving

Learn more about the benefits of recent feature enhancements and why to upgrade Dynamics GP for your team.

Steve Chapman

Steve has over 15 years of experience in business systems consulting, and 20 years of experience in management accounting and finance with small and mid-sized businesses in the construction, distribution, service, and technology industries.



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