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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Depreciation Reversal Quality Issue in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted by Saher Ahmed

Need to reverse depreciation for 2017 in Microsoft Dynamics GP? This post will walk you through what to do when you encounter the Depreciation Reversal Quality Issue for GP. The January reversal target date should be 12/31/2016, however, the following error is received: “If Target date is prior to the current year for any book, it must be the last day of the year.”

Depreciation Reversal Quality Issue for GP - Fixed Assets

Currently within GP 2013 and 2015, there is a known Quality Issue (85066) that is causing this error message. The current workaround for this Quality Issue to use a date in a current year. However, this is problematic if the user does not wish to have any depreciation figures against the current year. You can use the ‘Depreciate One Asset’ window, but this could be an unrealistic/burdensome workaround if the user has many assets that they need to affect. This Quality Issue has been fixed with the release of GP 2016, but unfortunately, Microsoft will not be fixing the issue for GP 2013 and 2015.

When can this issue occur and what is the fix?

For example, if fixed assets is closed for 2017, depreciation was run for January 31, 2018, but all 2018 depreciation needs to be reversed, the target date will have to be 1/1/2018. If you do want to account for 1/1/2017 and go back to 12/31/2017, the workaround would be to build a macro to complete a mass reversal for all assets in the Depreciate One Asset window thus truly reversing all of 2018 depreciation.

Depreciation Reversal Quality Issue for GP - Depreciate Asset

Need help fixing the Depreciation Reversal Quality Issue for your Microsoft Dynamics GP system? Contact Armanino’s expert Dynamics GP support team today to find out how they can help your team.


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