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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

What’s in the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Update for April

Posted by Alex Fredrickson

Sticking to the bi-annual release cycle for Dynamics 365, Microsoft is getting ready to release its latest functionality update next month in the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement update for April. (Full details for the release can be found here on Microsoft’s release notes site.)

Here are some of the changes that I’m most excited about in this Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement update:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Portal

D365 Marketing

Easy Onboarding

A new getting started dashboard will help guide new users through the basics of the Marketing platform. Not only does the Dashboard steer the user toward core functionality, but also provides step by step guidance for executing a marketing campaign within each area.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement update - April (Getting Started Dashboard)

Enabling Salespeople

Salespeople can now be given the ability to add their prospects to Marketing segments, or directly to Customer Journeys that have been built by the Marketing team.

Social Posting – Twitter/FB

Social content can now be created within the D365 Marketing platform. Communications can be scheduled to be posted at future dates and times to sync with overall Marketing campaign. Currently, only Facebook and Twitter are supported, but additional social networks will be added over time.

Smart Email Scheduling

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement update - April (Smart Email Scheduling)

Segment Boost

Segment boost analyses an existing prospect or customer segment to understand the attributes of the Contacts who have proven to be most successful from a conversion standpoint. Using this information, the system is able to recommend additional contacts who are most likely to yield positive returns within that customer journey.

Spam Score

The system can now continuously analyze your email content, as you build it, to provide a calculated spam score for your message. This score predicts the deliverability of your message to the target audience.

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Teams Integration

With the Microsoft Teams integration, records in D365 can now be added to tabs within the corresponding team. Not only will the record be visible to all Team members, those who are D365 users will be able to update the record directly from Teams.
The updated integration will allow for seamless document collaboration between the Microsoft Teams chancel and the D365 users.


Out of the box Forecast entity will now be available to predict revenue for a defined period. Sales Forecast categories can now be defined within the system and be updated per Opportunity within the Sales process.

D365 Customer Service

Case Resolution Extensibility

The Case resolution dialog can now be modified more easily to capture the data points and actions most important to the resolution or closure of your cases.

Usability Enhancements

Microsoft has invested in form UI enhancements, enhanced timelines, and enhanced visualizations for SLAs that will improve the user experience within the Customer Service process.

Field Service

Embedded IoT Enhancements

Embedded IoT can now present charts from IoT central directly on the relevant Customer Asset within Dynamics 365. These reports can be accessed both in the D365 web interface, and via the Mobile Field Service app for Android and iOS.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement update - April (Embedded IoT - Temperature & Service Request)

In addition to these charts, D365 will now interface with IoT Central to initiate device commands. Actions such as toggling Fan power, resetting devices, etc., can be initiated from Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 CE - (IoT Cntral interface with D365)

Field Resource Optimization Dashboard (Power BI)

An Optimization service pack will soon be available within Dynamics 365. This Power BI Dashboard, designed for Service Managers and Dispatchers, provides charts and KPIs to help your organization ensure that resources are being scheduled effectively.

Dynamics 365 CE - (Optimization Service Pack Power BI Dashboard)

Improvements to multi-resource service management

In the April update, improvements will be made to crew management and requirement group scheduling to enhance the multi-recourse Work Order capabilities within Dynamics 365.

D365 Portals

Portal Diagnostics

Portal diagnostics will become available to identify incorrectly configured site markets, identify performance impacting entity permissions and slow running queries, and to identify portal solution installation and update failures or suggestions.

Maintenance Mode

Maintenance mode can be enabled for Portals to display a “Website under maintenance” message during routine portal maintenance or major upgrade activities. This message can be customized based on the nature of the maintenance and will be presented during the defined outage period.

Display external data in portals

This enhancement will allow Portal users to securely get data from external applications and display it via Portals. This feature allows for client-side calls to external APIs, secured by using OAuth.

Power BI Embedded

Power BI integration has been available in Portals for some time now. I’m excited about the new support for Power BI Embedded services, as it will allow Portal customers to surface Power BI reports and dashboards to uses who don’t have a Power BI Account.

Portal template for organizations leveraging CDS for Apps

This feature allows for the connection of a D365 Portal to a CDS for Apps environment that doesn’t leverage any of the D365 applications.

Find more about the April Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement update from the Microsoft release notes. Learn about Dynamics 365 CRM throughout the Armanino Dynamics blog.

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