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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Like People, Change is a Must to Maximize D365 Performance

Posted by Treana Chartier

Change is a Must to Maximize D365 for the future.

As we go about our “daily grind,” we are always looking to do our jobs and perform our activities in more efficient, more productive ways. We try to improve our experiences, support colleagues and change behavior—in ourselves and others—to excel at what we do. Whether it’s reading an empowering book, being mentored, or team building with our peers, we work to benefit everyone we engage with. To grow, we know we must strive to be the best version of ourselves and help others along the same path. Change is part of the human experience and something we do daily, whether we choose to change and grow proactively, or our passivity forces change upon us.

You should look at Dynamics 365 (D365) the same way as you look at yourself—as an advancing, evolving system. Many companies implement D365 but then fail to continuously engage with building system improvements. Since its release, D365 has continued to morph and change, increasing productivity with regular upgrades. From user interface changes to integrating with a growing list of products and systems, D365 is a living, changing system that requires continual monitoring. But many users forget one of its singular qualities: it’s not static— it’s dynamic.

Taking the time to learn, understand and implement D365 improvements can immediately create a positive impact on your business. Whether you have a new division opening, your company growth is stalled, or you need to reorganize your team to handle the changes in your company, it’s time to evaluate your Dynamics implementation. You can see what new opportunities are available now—and what changes need to happen to support your people and your business.

Some simple updates are adjusting the user forms or adding sub-grids, instead of moving from one page to another for information. Your team could be utilizing new improvements, such as the Multi-Select Option Sets; new marketing features, including LinkedIn integration; or any of the many other valuable additions. These options are already at your fingertips—you just need to decide if your business can benefit from them.

Remember to take advantage of the D365 capabilities you currently have at hand and evaluate everything within the D365 toolbox on a regular basis. The solution represents an investment in your company’s future. You need to utilize that investment to maximize D365 and move your company forward, to grow and improve.

It’s a fairly simple choice: you can let your company stay static or you can be dynamic with solutions that enable strategic growth.

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