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Friday, August 2, 2019

D365 Custom Approval Solution from Armanino in Action

Posted by Robert Wenstrand

In February, Armanino announced it had developed a new, custom Approval Solution, which is included as part of our D365 offering. In this second part of that conversation, we provide detailed steps for one of the approval scenarios from the original post.

In our example, both the account and sales managers must approve a quote before it’s sent to the customer.

First, make sure the entity you want to generate an approval from has the Approval Solution field of Approval Status added. Follow standard practices for adding the field to the form and using the Approval Status global option set that is installed with the Approval Solution.

Adding Approval status CRM

Next, set up the Approval Solution by using Advanced Find to Look for: Approval Configurations. Select New Approval Configuration.

D365 Approval configuration
Approval configuration set-up

Now, select the entity for approval. In this case, we’re seeking approval on quote creation, so select Quote.

D365 Approval configuration for quote entity

Scrolling down we can begin to customize the configuration to meet our requirements. [Note: you will need to save the record before you can customize the approval configuration.]

We first add Approvers. In this example, we have two Approvers and both are required to complete an approval task. For Approval Tier, select Tier 1, as both are required and no escalation is needed. As you can see, you can select either a Contact or a User to be an Approver. In this example, we would select the user records for the sales manager and product manager.

D365 Custom Approval Scenario - selecting the approval tier
D365 Custom Approval Scenario - Types of approvers

Next, set up the Approval Tiers, used to move an approval through different approval levels. In our example, both our approvers will be required (i.e., And operator), and no escalation is necessary. All approvals take place at Tier 1 and only one tier exists.

D365 Approval tier set-up

Next, set up a workflow that will trigger the Quote creation. Which will create the approval request Select the approval configuration you just set up, which is already built in the approval solution. As you see, all the user does is build a simple workflow, then select the approval configuration set up in the earlier steps.

Building the approval workflow
Creating the approval request in D365

You can monitor these requests and their status as they are created. As each approval request is completed, the Approval Solution will automatically update the Approval Status field on the regarding record — in this case, our newly created quote.

Approval request monitoring

The D365 custom approval solution comes with several prebuilt workflows for notifying users when tasks are modified, created or completed.

D365 Custom Approval pre-built workflows

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