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Friday, September 13, 2019

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps – 2019 Release Wave 2

Posted by Treana Chartier

Technology Update - Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps - 2019 Release

With the latest Dynamics 365 update release, there are numerous significant improvements and changes. Some of the top-utilized components will be available with the Dynamics 365 Customer Service Engagement Apps. Most of these improvements affect the day-to-day operations of the users and they are designed to either decrease the number of clicks, enable more information in an area or provide quick access to the right information.

Some main changes are found in the Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Apps redesign around form density, usability and filtering. These changes create a significant, immediate improvement to the overall App. For instance, Headers will now take up less space, no longer truncate the titles of the record and utilize chevrons for quick data entry. The layout and styling changes are optimized to see more records and prevent a cluttered user experience. These improvements remove unused redundant space, which creates a cleaner, more user-friendly view.

Another impressive enhancement focused on filtering throughout the Apps. Filtering now allows navigation between the grid and filtered records without having to reapply the filter. If you spend any time working with activities in the system, you will appreciate the new extensive filtering capabilities for activities, including activity type and date filtration. In Dynamics 365 for Customer Service App, the new interaction models can utilize multiple filters simultaneously.

Activities access has also improved with the new timeline wall changes. You can quickly expand a record to view simple icons to identify key activities or perform common actions. Another feature for emails is the ability to view images inline when you open and read an email – no longer will you need to open each image as a separate attachment!

Specialized Dynamics 365 Apps updates

Enhancements to the product catalog will now support the reparenting of products, bundles or family when you have products that need to be realigned. Adding properties directly at the product or bundle level is another great feature.

For users with a collection of physical business cards that need to be added to the system, the new business card scan in Dynamics 365 for Sales will be a great time-saving resource. This feature will be part of the Quick Create Contact form and is configurable. (I can hear the cheers from all those business cards hiding in the back of your tradeshow box!)

Customizing the Opportunity Close dialog box

Although I’ve mentioned many impressive improvements, the one that is the icing on the cake for this release is the ability to customize the Opportunity Close dialog box.

Every company that I’ve worked with has brought up the desire to change the Opportunity Close dialog box. With the new form personalization and the Opportunity Close entity being customizable, it will enable you to require the aspects most important to your business directly in the box. Although this change only affects a limited number of users, collecting this data at the right time will enable more success around your opportunity tracking. With better insight into your company-specific data, your team can drive better strategic decisions around the sales process.

All users will benefit from this latest release, and if you have Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps, the improvements and changes are even better With a focus on improved efficiency, streamlining day-to-day processes and speeding up access to the right information at the right time, this release makes major strides around big picture changes for users.

For more information about this release, you can read the full release document, 2019 release wave 2 PDF. Remember, business is not static and your system shouldn’t be either. Taking advantage of the new customizations for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps will improve your company, your team, and of course, your bottom line.

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