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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Dynamics GP October 2019 Release: Part 1, Top Feature Requests

Posted by Steve Chapman

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2019 Release in October, includes enhancements and new functionality in four areas. In this post, we’ll highlight the key enhancements in Top Feature Requests.

Note that Microsoft no longer includes a year designation in the product name. Below you can see the new login screen:

Starting with this release, Microsoft is committing to at least three releases each year and has rolled Dynamics GP into the Modern Lifecycle Policy. See more at this link:

Top Feature Requests

These are enhancements that have been asked for by Dynamics GP customers and incorporated into the product.

Filter Item Stock Inquiry by Date

This allows you to restrict the Item Stock Inquiry screen to specific dates. This will be helpful if you have high-volume items and need to narrow the query results.

Inactive Field Added to Item SmartList

The Inactive field value from the Item Maintenance screen has been added to the Item SmartList. This will be helpful if you track inactive inventory items and need to query and report on that basis.

Display User ID in Item Master Table

The Item Master Table will now track the user ID of the person that added and/or modified the item. This will add an additional bit of audit trail functionality to the Item Master.

This is a SmartList that shows these two features:

Here is a quick video that shows these new Inventory enhancements from the Dynamics GP 2019 Release:

Copy Report Option

This allows you to copy an existing standard GP report option to create a new option for the same report.

Exclude Inactive Items on Item Price List

This provides the ability to exclude Inactive Items when printing the Inventory Item Price List.

Minimize Transaction When Go To Is Selected for PO That Exists

When a Payables transaction is saved and the option to Warn If Vendor Has Existing Purchase Orders is marked in Payables setup, you are prompted to Continue, Go To, or Cancel your action. When you select the Go To option, your Payables transaction will minimize rather than being closed out and deleted as it was in previous versions.

To turn on the option to Warn If Vendor Has Existing Purchase Orders, go to the Dynamics GP menu and point to Tools, then Setup, then Purchasing, and click Payables. Then mark the option to Warn If Vendor Has Existing Purchase Order. When a Payables transaction is saved, the following message will appear if the vendor you selected has an existing purchase order.

If you click the Go To button, the Payables Transaction Entry window will be minimized, and the All Purchasing Transactions navigation list will appear with a list of documents specific to your vendor.

Save Setting for Display New PO Per User

When you create a Purchase Order with the Purchase Orders Preview window, a prompt appears to skip displaying the new purchase orders. You can select No, which directs you to a navigation list with all the new purchase orders that you created, or select Yes, to simply print the purchase order generation report.

A new setting is available to choose whether you wish for this prompt to occur, or to skip the prompt and let the selected setting automatically occur.

To choose a preference, go to the Dynamics GP menu and point to Tools, then Setup, then Purchasing, and click Purchase Order Processing. Select your desired preference from the list next to Skip Displaying the New Purchase Order.

Excel Paste in Web Client

This allows GP web client users to copy journal entry information from Excel and paste it into the Transaction Entry screen in Financial Transactions:

Make History Dropdown Default to Most Recent Year

The Journal Entry Inquiry window year dropdown list will now display in reverse order with the most recent year displayed first. The year dropdown change is also included in Net Change Inquiry, Detail Inquiry, Summary Inquiry and the GL Trial Balance Report options window.

This is only relevant if you restart your journal entry numbering sequence each year (an option on the year-end close).

This feature is available in these screens:

  • Net Change Inquiry
  • Detail Inquiry
  • Summary Inquiry
  • Journal Entry Inquiry
  • Trial Balance Report Options

Contact our experts at Armanino for more information on the latest Dynamics GP 2019 Release.

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