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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Top 10 Reasons to Consider Microsoft Dynamics Managed Services

Posted by Armanino Dynamics Team

Consider Microsoft Dynamics Managed Services

Your core business systems are vital to your daily operations. You need your Microsoft Dynamics applications to work, period. When issues come up and your systems go down, your customers feel the impact. Although your IT team works hard to address problems quickly, they also have many other demands on their time, and often they don’t have the deep technical expertise needed to fix the issue in a timely, accurate way. Microsoft Dynamics managed services support from an experienced Microsoft partner is a powerful alternative to going it alone or depending solely on Microsoft. Besides faster response times, managed services provide a whole range of additional benefits.

Here are 10 ways Microsoft Dynamics managed services can help your business:

1) Predictable pricing. You get to manage your IT budget using a flat services pricing model. No unexpected expenses.

2) Lower operating investment. Managing enterprise software applications and environments requires multiple costly skill sets. Engaging with a team whose day-to-day role is to have deep technical knowledge in your systems saves you from having to hire full-time employees with specialized expertise.

3) Flexibility to scale. Technology environments need to grow with the business. Through managed services, your Dynamics partner can continually work with you to evaluate your needs and determine the right path for your short- and long-term strategic initiatives. It gives you the flexibility to scale without needing to re-engage in a full-scale new project.

4) Reduced risk. When you rely on top experts to keep your Microsoft environment running smoothly, you lower the risk of downtime and the resulting impact to your business.

5) Access to resources not available internally. With managed services set up, you have access to a team of high-level functional and technical resources, with the most current certifications and training, working on your behalf to manage your environments.

6) Freeing up internal staff for strategic work. When they don’t have to worry about the technology, your staff can focus on long-term strategic initiatives rather than redundant day-to-day tasks.

7) Access to technology innovation. Managed services offer leading methodology for managing environments and access to cutting-edge Azure cloud and on-premise technology.

8) Improved and expedited Microsoft support. Like having a friend with awesome connections, you can get priority attention and access to Microsoft Premier Support via your managed services partner.

9) Converged services. One agreement covers multiple services, which streamlines your partnership and lowers your costs.

10) Guaranteed value. Armanino offers a managed services promise that ensures your return on investment.

Interested in exploring Microsoft Dynamics managed services? Connect with the Armanino managed services team at [email protected] or learn more about Armanino’s Microsoft Dynamics team.

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