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Monday, February 24, 2020

Streamline Your AP using Wells Fargo Payment Manager with Dynamics GP

Posted by Armanino Dynamics Team

Are You Using Microsoft Dynamics GP & Wells Fargo Payment Manager?

A while back, one of our clients was struggling with uploading their payment files to Wells Fargo Payment Manager. They were using Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software, but the complicated file format made the process overly complicated and extracting the data out of GP burdensome.

One of our consultants tried to alleviate the issue with some out-of-the-box software. But that, too, proved to be a headache. Next up, our development team, with their extensive programming expertise, tackled the problem and came up with an answer.

The result was an easy-to-use tool that doesn’t need any external applications or integrations – AP Connect. Beyond its simple design, the software is also cost-effective and built directly into Dynamics GP.

Optimize Your Existing System

In under two hours, Armanino’s AP Connect can be installed, configured and ready to use. It works in conjunction with GP’s windows and processes to create a seamless user experience.

With AP Connect, you choose the type of payment and the vendors you want Wells Fargo to pay. You create a file in the right format for uploading to Wells Fargo by running your normal Accounts Payable check process. The system leverages the GP payment process. Once the payments are posted, you can use the AP Connect export window to create the file.

AP Connect supports the following payment methods:

  • Domestic ACH
  • Next Day Check
  • Same Day Check
  • USD Wire
  • CCER / Commercial Credit Card
  • International ACH
  • International Wire
  • Foreign currency Wire

It’s a quick and simple way to save your team hours every month.

Check out the video demo.

Have questions? Contact us for pricing and to learn more.

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