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August 7, 2013

Sleep at Night: 4 Questions for Your Future SaaS Vendor

Posted by Gregg Block

As a Controller and CFO—and then as a Consultant— the process of upgrading our systems with service packs and upgrades would cause me a lot of stress and wakeful nights. I found an ideal way to reduce this stress—select a true SaaS-based product, where the vendor maintains the databases and has the responsibility of applying service packs and upgrades.

When selecting the best SaaS-based product vendor for your company, ensure you ask yourself these for questions:

  1. How often does the SaaS vendor do service packs and upgrades?
  2. What is the duration of the “maintenance window” they require to complete the install/upgrade?
  3. What is the vendor’s track record on maintaining uptime?
  4. How does the vendor support API customizations as part of its upgrade process?
  • NOTE: This is an important question, because if the vendor does this properly, there should be no concerns about interfaces breaking.

Here’s to more restful nights—and to choosing the best SaaS vendor for you and your company.


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