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August 14, 2013

Top 5 Tips for Start-ups Investing in Cloud Accounting

Posted by Lindy Antonelli

Recently, Heather Smith—a consultant and author of cloud accounting “how-to guides” for small businesses—spoke with StartupSmart. During their discussion, Smith noted that cloud accounting provided small businesses and start-ups with a vital tool to help monitor an important aspect of their business—key performance indicators (KPIs). And for start-ups already investing in a cloud accounting solution, Smith shared her “top five tips,” which include:

  1. Use your cloud accounting solution to save time and boost growth
  2. Make the most of plug-ins and report features
  3. Get experts to help implement the software properly
  4. Overcome data security concerns
  5. Take responsibility for the financial management of your business

“There does seem to be a trend in business at the moment to move to subscription payment services, and a cloud accounting system can do this without you even thinking about it,” Smith says. “This creates a money funnel for your business.”

Read more on Smith’s top five tips in StartupSmart’s Five Quick Tips and Mistakes to Avoid with Cloud Accounting.

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