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April 3, 2014

Software Criteria for Nonprofit Organizations

Posted by Sartaj Kaur


Software Criteria for Nonprofit Organizations

This week Software Advice published a report detailing what is important to nonprofit organizations looking to make a software purchase. The report titled ‘Nonprofit Software Buyer View Report 2014” suggests the following:

1.Fifty-one percent of nonprofits are considering a software purchase to improve the efficiency of organizational processes

2. A significant majority of buyers (96 percent) preferred Web-based systems

3. Fundraising and donor management were the most frequently requested applications

The report goes on to highlight that almost half of the non-profits surveyed currently have a very manual process. In other words, they are managing organizational processes through a paper & pen, spreadsheets or QuickBooks approach. Furthermore, it was interesting to see that half of the organizations surveyed said they had no preference in deployment of software, meanwhile the other half clearly preferred cloud-based systems. In addition the report found that best-in-breed integration models were favored to integrated suites.

Lastly, over half of the organizations surveyed had fewer than ten employees as well as less than $1 million in revenues. Suggesting that cost conscious organizations are looking to the cloud to keep IT infrastructure costs low.

To read the complete report click here.




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