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September 2, 2014

Prepare for the Season with Adaptive Insights Budgeting

Posted by Dave Burlington

Adaptive Insights Budgeting ChecklistBudgeting Season is coming! Here are some tips to help you get your Adaptive Insights planning model ready.

  1. Run formula validation to make sure your budget version is error-free.
  2. Update allocation rules in the Allocation Manager.
  3. Validate initial budget driver and assumption values.
  4. Create reports with alternate reporting structures using Account Attributes and Level Attributes.
  5. Test your system –
    • Add an employee starting mid-year, mid-month. Verify personnel accounts update accordingly.
    • Add a capital purchase mid-year. Verify depreciation expense and fixed asset accounts update accordingly.
    • Adjust assumptions and budget drivers. Do expenses respond appropriately?
  6. Review User Groups and validate version access – make sure you give and lock access to budget managers by version.

Learn more about Adaptive Insights Budgeting to keep your budgeting season running smoothly. Need any assistance? We’re here to help – contact us at [email protected].

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