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October 16, 2014

Cloud 2.0 – Keeping Our Heads in Cloud Integrations

Posted by Dave Burlington

73% of respondents in the Cloud Accounting Institute survey indicate their companies are already using a Software as a Service or a Cloud Solution. With the market expected to reach $210 billion by 2016, it’s not too late to see the advantages a solution can provide you and your business. All companies will need a solution, so why not start saving now?

Learn about best-of-breed cloud solutions and cloud integrations to keep your technology current. Check out this brief presentation on Cloud 2.0 for what’s happening in the cloud, why it matters for your business, and how to keep up in the ever-expanding public cloud market.

As cloud technologies become increasingly more popular, it’s essential to determine how your team can utilize the cloud and what it can do to grow your competitive business.

Discover how cloud solutions and cloud integrations can benefit your team and why utilizing the cloud can give you an edge over competitors.
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