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April 30, 2015

CFO Evolution – The Poor Man’s Scorecard

Posted by Amy Morgan

It was wonderful to attend Adaptive Live this year! During my presentation, Your Guide to Driving
the CFO Evolution
, with John Dunican, Partner for Armanino’s Adaptive Insights software practice, we
shared a scorecard technique we use in Adaptive Insights when a client hasn’t purchased the
Discovery module. We call the technique “The Poor Man’s Scorecard.”  Our clients find this a useful
tool for introducing their C-suite and operational teams to a consolidated data view in Adaptive, so
this often works as a bridge or proof of concept before clients invest in the Discovery module.

Adaptive Insights software - Amy Morgan, Armanino


To build a scorecard:

  1. Create a shared report – use conditional formatting or graphical reports for readability.
  2. Create a new Announcement page (Admin/Manage Announcement Pages/New Announcement Page – drag over report).
  3. Make the Announcement page visible to the appropriate levels and save.
  4. Move the new Announcement page to the top of the page order (Admin/Manage Announcement Pages – click ^ move arrow).
  5. Update user’s Home Page to Announcement Page (Admin/Edit Users/Edit – select drop-down box after Home Page).

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Learn more about how the CFO Evolution® and Adaptive Insights software can benefit your team.

Happy modeling!

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