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December 9, 2015

Seamless System Integration = Better Efficiency and Insights

Posted by Armanino Financial Advisory Team

Seamless System Integration“Integration will enable finance leaders and their teams to have the real-time information to get out of the business of just pushing paper around and doing manual accounting reconciliation work, and bring them up as real business leaders in their organization,” commented Lindy Antonelli, Cloud Solutions partner at Armanino. Antonelli teamed with Sartaj Kaur, a senior consultant in Armanino’s Cloud Solutions practice to discuss the benefits of seamless system integration during the 2015 Armanino EVOLUTION conference. As organizations begin to shift to a blend of applications that fit their specific needs, the importance of streamlined business processes and integrations continues to increase.

Without seamless integration across systems, the finance team wastes countless hours on manual processes and upkeep of Excel spreadsheets. Maintaining a single version of the truth becomes increasingly more cumbersome. Companies like Marketo utilize system integration to expand their analytical insights on vendor behavior. kCura saves time every month by integrating Adaptive Insights and Intacct to speed up their month-end processes and maintain visibility into real-time financial data. According to Antonelli, in today’s market, businesses need to take full advantage of their systems in order to be successful, rather than just utilizing parts of the applications in their toolbox.

The recent article, Seamless Systems Integration Creates Efficiencies and Insights shares excerpts from Antonelli’s and Kaur’s presentation during EVOLUTION about the importance of seamless system integration. Read the full article to learn deeper insights, why integration is important for a successful business, and what to look for when choosing integrations for your team.

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