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August 2, 2016

Corporate Finance Practice Announced for Armanino

Posted by Armanino Financial Advisory Team

Armanino Corporate Finance PracticeArmanino is always striving to meet and exceed the needs of our clients, whether early stage Silicon Valley startups, or mature multinational organizations. At Armanino, we have learned over time that as businesses expand and evolve, receiving support and assistance with business transactions is vital to building value. That’s why Armanino is proud to announce our new Corporate Finance practice, offering a full suite of support and professional services to our clients for strategic acquisitions such as asset purchases, mergers, and intellectual property procurements. Our services include market analyses, target identification, financial modeling, deal negotiations, preliminary due diligence, and final negotiation of the definitive agreements. Read the feature story about the new practice in Accounting Today.

“For years, we have helped clients monetize their businesses during an exit. Whether it’s a company at the end of its cycle or the retirement of founders and owners who are looking for help with a business sale and Estate Planning, Armanino gets the maximum value,” said Andy Armanino, managing partner at Armanino.

Whether pursuing a sale or merger, or a partial divestiture of a division or assets, Armanino provides end-to-end strategic advisory to our Corporate Finance clients. We introduce the client to potential acquirers, and manage a rigorous process to optimize competition, achieve strategic valuations, with the end result of successfully closing the transaction. Some of our services include the following:

Buy Side Representation
Armanino represents clients pursuing strategic acquisitions, such as asset purchases, mergers, and intellectual property procurements.

Intellectual Property and Patent Sales
Armanino has developed and perfected our Auction90 asset sale process, designed to complete a competitive auction for identified company assets and IP within 90-120 days from engagement. The process is fast and effective at concluding a transaction and maximizing value. Armanino has done more than 3,000 technology company valuations and is the best Silicon Valley resource for understanding technology assets, valuing them, and then articulating that value to potential buyers.

Purchaser Representative Services
A Purchaser Representative may be necessary in merger and acquisition transactions where the consideration is not all cash, but includes securities that are not registered with the SEC. Purchaser Representatives are regularly retained to help with compliance with securities law to represent non-accredited shareholders in a merger or acquisition where the consideration consists at least partially of restricted stock.

To learn more about Armanino’s Corporate Finance practice, click here.


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