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December 6, 2016

Diginomica Features Armanino’s Intacct Advantage CFO Evolution

Posted by Armanino Financial Advisory Team

Leading Tech Publication, Diginomica, Features Armanino’s Intacct Advantage Presentation on the CFO Evolution ®

Diginomica, a leading media outlet featuring US and European tech and business disruption in the digital era, recently featured Matt Armanino and Lindy Antonelli’s presentation at Intacct Advantage around the CFO Evolution®. (Read the full article.)

At the event, the Armanino team shared their suggestions on the ways CFOs can use cloud technology to become more strategic organizational leaders, Armanino’s approach known as the CFO Evolution®.Armanino CFO Evolution

During the talk, Matt Armanino outlined six key ways CFOs can make the move to business leadership, including:

  1. Standardize and improve processes
  2. Provide effective KPIs
  3. Integrate technology
  4. Provide accurate forecasting
  5. Drive improvement with technology
  6. Support growth and expansion.

Today’s CFOs grapple with technology. CFOs are in a push to become more strategic – but they still get pulled into the weeds. Finance executives are expected to fulfill their compliance and financial close functions. But the big, meaningful successes and changes come when strategic pursuits are realized.

But how do CFOs get there? By implementing the right cloud solutions. With the right technology, the day to day becomes more automated, making it easier to be more strategic.

Revenue Recognition Changes Coming Soon: Revenue recognition rule changes are on the CFO’s radar screen, though not necessarily with the urgency Armanino’s team would suggest. The changes go into effect in 2017, right around the corner and now is the time to be preparing.

Dashboards: CFOs love the idea of dashboards with real-time KPIs – but they don’t always get to dashboarding on their own projects. An expert consultant can make recommendations to get the dashboards and reporting you need.

KPIs: Management-by-KPI is gaining in popularity, but it requires new metrics.

Forecasting: Forecasting can be a huge asset, but it requires predictive capabilities that put a strain on poorly-integrated legacy systems. Armanino recommends a cloud solution for better reporting and mobile access.

It’s All About the Cloud: What strategic CFOs want to accomplish requires modern, integrated software – and the cloud provides exactly that.

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