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August 16, 2017

Integrating Cloud Solutions: Dynamics GP-Coupa Integration

Posted by Sartaj Kaur

Dynamics GP-Coupa Integration PackDuring Coupa Inspire 2017, Steve Reece, a business analyst at eHealth, shared his thoughts on the Dynamics GP-Coupa Integration Pack built by Armanino. The GP-Coupa Integration Pack enables the migration of Accounts, Vendors, Invoices, Payments and Expenses between both solutions. This pre-built integration allows for a seamless procure-to-pay process by automating the migration of key data between GP and Coupa. With organizations using best-of-breed technology for various business functions, having a tight integration to your financial tool has never been more important.

Watch the video interview to hear more from Steve Reece on the impact working with Armanino and utilizing the integration pack has made on his team.

“The biggest benefit is the knowledge that Armanino brings to both ends of the product: Coupa and GP.”
— Steve Reece, Business Analyst, eHealth

Check out the functionality that makes up Armanino’s Dynamics GP-Coupa integration pack:

  • When Accounts or Vendors are added or updated in Dynamics GP, they are automatically added or updated in Coupa to ensure you have the most current information in both solutions.
  • When a Vendor Invoice is received within Coupa, it is automatically migrated to Accounts Payable within GP.
  • Once the payment is made to the vendor within GP, it is also marked as paid in Coupa via the integration.
  • Expenses are migrated from Coupa to GP to be reimbursed.
  • The GP-Coupa Integration Pack can run on-demand or be set to run on a schedule.
  • Supported Objects include Accounts, Vendors, Invoices, Payments and Expenses.
  • Multiple Great Plains entities are supported in the integration pack.

Integrating key cloud solutions can make a tremendous positive impact on an organization. A few of the main business values provided by the Dynamics GP-Coupa integration pack include:

  • A seamless integration pack negates the error-prone and time-consuming process of re-keying data or manually extracting and importing large excel files between GP and Coupa.
  • The pre-built GP-Coupa Integration Pack is implemented in a quarter of the time and cost it would take to develop this type integration from scratch.
  • The GP-Coupa Integration Pack comes with free year-round support, hosting, monitoring and upgrades so there is no burden on your IT Team.

On average, users of the Armanino Dynamics GP-Coupa integration pack report saving between 10-19 hours per month once their solutions are integrated. Learn more about Armanino’s integration capabilities and the benefits of the Dynamics GP-Coupa integration pack can benefit your team.


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