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May 28, 2019

Equity Management Experts Demystify Complex Accounting & Administrative Issues

Posted by Scott Schwartz


With evermore complex equity instruments in use today, compliant and accurate equity management processes are difficult to create and maintain. Armanino’s experts have been invited to various equity events and conferences over the coming months to share their knowledge.

San Diego NASPP: Chapter Meeting, May 28th, 2019

Key Issues Surrounding Accounting for Performance Grants

Scott and Armanino Senior Manager Laura Verri will be delving into detail about performance grants, which have become popular as a method for companies to align individual interests with company goals. Scott and Laura will describe the key mistakes to avoid when rolling out performance awards, demonstrate how to optimize your processes, and show what to look for when evaluating the specific valuation and expense issues related to performance awards. Finally, they will discuss how to deal with any changes/modifications made during performance periods.

27th Annual NASPP Conference, September 16th – 18th, 2019

Scott and Laura are also teaming up for two presentations at the annual NASPP Conference.

Making Your Equity Plan Audit-Ready -25 Minute Arena Session

The first presentation features our client Amy Ruschell, the Director of Accounting Operations at Five9.  Amy, Laura, and Scott will walk attendees through how accounting and administration can partner together, so they can focus on what matters and stay audit-ready throughout the year.

Top 5 Gotchas for Stock-Based Expense Errors – 60 Minute Panel

Lydia Terrill, Global Equity Manager at Vocera Communications and client of the firm, is teaming up with Scott and Laura for the second presentation. Together, they will provide an interactive session focused on the accounting for stock-based compensation from both the client’s and Armanino’s perspectives. The session will focus on practical and tactical solutions that clients can utilize regardless of the software platform they use.

More details on this conference can be found here:

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