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January 7, 2020

Adaptive Insights’ New Partner Accreditation Program Can Help You Compare Providers

Posted by Armanino Financial Advisory Team

Adaptive Insights’ New Partner Accreditation Program

Business planning cloud solution Adaptive Insights recently announced a new Partner Accreditation program that provides a way for businesses to differentiate among Adaptive Insights providers. If you’re looking for an Adaptive Insights vendor and aren’t sure of their qualifications or experience, it will help you understand how Adaptive Insights rates them.

The Partner Accreditation program recognizes providers and service partners based on two criteria:

  • The set number of certified consultants they have
  • The number of successful, customer-validated implementations they’ve done

There are three tiers:

Accreditation Level Number of Certified Consultants Number of Successful, Customer-Validated Implementations
Accredited 2-5 1-5
Preferred 6-15 6-20
Premiere >15 >20

This gives you a way to easily determine if a provider has the experience and proficiency that your organization needs. Not all Adaptive Insights partners take part in the accreditation program, but providers that do have demonstrated their dedication to their partner status and their qualifications.

The tiered program ensures that partners have trained their staff on the latest Adaptive Insights software releases and that they’ve met certain minimum certification requirements for consultants.

Solution providers are required to maintain a level of authorization based on meeting set requirements for certified staff. They also must meet minimum revenue levels. (Armanino is accredited as one of only four Premiere partners, in the Partner Accreditation Program, as of December 2019.)

Note that some services can only be offered by providers who have reached certain accreditation levels. For example, only Premier and Preferred partners can conduct Planning to Workday integration projects.

What does this all mean for you?

You will know the accreditation level of any Adaptive Insights provider you evaluate and can make more informed decisions based on your business’s needs.

To learn how Armanino can help you put Adaptive Insights or other business solutions to work for your organization, contact us.

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