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March 30, 2020

Reforecasting for Sudden Changes Using Adaptive Insights

Posted by Reena Driver

During these unpredictable times, you might have to switch around your normal processes. We’ve been hearing from our clients about the need to do quick forecasts in Adaptive Insights. Here are some step-by-step instructions with screen shots to show you reforecasting for Sudden Changes for your business.

  1. Roll Out a Live Forecast Version
    • Confirm you are copying from the correct Original Budget Version.
    • Select the boxes for: Copy All Data, Copy Formulas, Copy Splits, Copy Modeled Rows and Copy Audit Trail History.
    • Update the Start of Plan setting to pull in Actuals through the prior month.
    • Review the user access settings.
      • Does this version need to be hidden for certain users?
Reforecasting for Sudden Changes Using Adaptive Insights
  • Update Input Sheets
    • Review and update the Personnel Sheet for Headcount impact and updates to Personnel Assumptions (i.e. merit and bonus attainment assumptions).
Update Input Sheets
Reforecasting for Sudden Changes Using Adaptive Insights
  • Review marketing, conference and event budgets — looking at the impact of cancelled events and tradeshows as it relates to both Revenue Pipeline and Operating Expenses.
  • High-Level Adjustments: set up custom or assumption accounts to hold management increase/decrease % adjustments to incorporate into current modeled or cube formulas.
High-Level Adjustments
  • Review Impact of New Forecast Version.
Review Impact of New Forecast Version.
  • Utilize Weekly Forecasting
    • Always keep Live Forecast open as working forecast.
    • At the start of each week, clone this version and rename the previous Live Forecast to [Date] – Flash and name the new version Live Forecast.
Review Impact of New Forecast Version.

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