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May 7, 2020

Armanino Joins Hedera20 Hackathon and Issues a Unique Challenge for Competitors

Posted by Noah Buxton

"Digital signatures can revolutionize how we exchange information and prove ownership. Armanino's Signing Challenge will be exciting for the Hedera developer community to create a foundational tool that can fuel applications across nearly every industry. I cannot wait to see what they build!" ~Cooper Kunz, Developer Advocate Lead, Hedera Hashgraph

Armanino is proud to partner and participate in Hedera Hashgraph’s Hedera20 Hackathon!  And we are issuing a unique challenge for the competition.

As an accounting and consulting firm, we know that auditability and trust fuel adoption of new tools.  Our challenge is for teams to build a robust, open-source signing service for Hedera wallets that enables users to prove account/wallet ownership to counterparties, management and auditors.  Winners will receive pairs of Bose QuietComfort II Headphones. (This is addition to the other prizes available, including a grand prize of $20,000 worth of HBAR.) 

You may ask yourself why an accounting and consulting firm would be involved in a hackathon?  It’s simple: Armanino’s relationship with clients doesn’t end at providing services, it begins there.

We are always looking for ways to make a positive impact in the lives of our clients, our people and our community.  With this in mind,  the potential to find interesting and diverse ways to partner with our clients and fuel innovation is limitless. 

The Hedera20 Hackathon is all about innovation and community collaboration. By providing creative and talented minds the opportunity to develop new solutions, this hackathon is an event we are proud to be a part of.

For more information, visit the Hedera20 Hackathon website.

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