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August 31, 2020

Taking Stock of Your Museum or Arts Organization’s Strategic Planning

Posted by John Stewart

Museums and Arts Nonprofit Organizations Take Time During Pandemic for Strategic Planning

Many museums and arts organizations remain closed due to the pandemic and may not be returning to regular programming until early 2021. However, one silver lining of ongoing closures for some institutions is the opportunity to reflect on operational weaknesses and shore up inefficiencies.

As you look to do more with less in our new normal, this is a good time to take stock of your organization’s strategic plan, technical processes and people’s needs. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you get started with strategic planning so you can drive innovation and growth for your museum or arts organization.

Organization Structure

  • Do you have a strategic path forward?
  • Does your structure align to your organization’s goals and plan going forward?


  • Does your staff have the necessary skills to achieve your vision?
  • Is your team motivated to make any needed improvements?
  • Are your people equipped to do their jobs remotely?
  • What obstacles could prevent you from succeeding?


  • What does the future of your museum or arts organization look like and are you set up to operate within it?
  • Are there processes that can be streamlined in order to cut future spending?
  • Are you struggling with too many manual tasks?
  • Are your processes and controls aligned to the talents and skills of your team?


  • Are you using outdated technology for your nonprofit?
  • Do you have several disparate systems that don’t talk to each other?
  • Can your systems be operated with minimal staff?
  • Do you have technology in place that supports safety requirements during COVID-19, such as online ticket sales, touchless exhibits and digital guides or maps?

Strategic planning is essential to drive innovation and growth for your museum or arts organization. Our Strategy and Transformation experts can help you transform the way you operate with increased productivity, reduced costs and improved controls.

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