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Financial Advisory Blog

October 2, 2020

What to Expect in Your Fundraising Process

Fundraising, whether venture, private equity, or private party (aka “friends and family”) is frequently written about, but rarely with the insight of those who have done it dozens of times, and in lay terms. This article will attempt to break down the steps from the perspective of a founder or CEO principally responsible for raising …

Corporate Finance Has Only Two Key Jobs – Financial Forecasting Is the Second One

It’s pretty simple – corporate finance does tons of stuff but is fundamentally here to help companies: Better know themselves Chart a path to their best future In an earlier blog post I covered better “knowing thyself” through financial analysis and reporting. This post focuses on putting that knowledge to good use. If the information …

Corporate Finance Has Only Two Key Jobs – ‘Know Thyself’ Is One of Them

“What?!” you say. “Corporate finance does tons of stuff.” That’s certainly true, but when it comes to what really matters, what finance was truly created for in the first place, the “tons of stuff” are but a means to a far more valuable end. Finance is here to help companies: Better know themselves Chart a …

Board of Directors Meeting Prep Checklist

The goal of the board is to maximize shareholder value via setting the strategic direction for the company and ensure that the business has what it needs to be successful. Board meetings are driven by the CEO, but with a major assist from the CFO. The periodic board of directors meeting is a critical affair. …

September 28, 2020

California Implements New CalSavers Retirement Savings Program

The end of the year is approaching fast — time to catch up on upcoming California legislation.  One of the laws delayed due to COVID-19 is the CalSavers Retirement Savings Program. which has a compliance deadline on September 30, 2020.  This new law was enacted to encourage and give employees a way to save for …

September 25, 2020

Congress is Stuck in Neutral: Implications for PPP Forgiveness and Taxes

With yet another stimulus impasse declared by Congress, prospects for significant changes or enhancements to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) look dim, at least until after the election when both houses rebalance. This further adds to the confusion among borrowers and lenders. We try to shed some light on the forgiveness aspect of the equation …

September 22, 2020

Now is the Right Time for a Nonprofit Digital Transformation

Nonprofits are taking this opportunity to strategize on how to use technology to maximize mission effectiveness.


August 31, 2020

Taking Stock of Your Museum or Arts Organization’s Strategic Planning

Many museums and arts organizations remain closed due to the pandemic and may not be returning to regular programming until early 2021. However, one silver lining of ongoing closures for some institutions is the opportunity to reflect on operational weaknesses and shore up inefficiencies. As you look to do more with less in our new …

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