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July 17, 2019

Despite a Hot IPO Market, Startups Face Tougher Investor Scrutiny

Explosive gains in the immediate aftermath of some recent high-profile initial public offerings suggest a robust IPO market, but the success of a few unicorns is unlikely to translate broadly to the startup sector.  As a result, investors have become more selective, and companies seeking public or private funding now need to prove not just …

June 5, 2019

Nonprofits Need Careful Planning as Risk Profiles Expand

Proactive crisis planning, rapid responses and understanding their financial options are among the keys that nonprofits should consider for their future planning processes in a quickly changing world. California, for instance, has increased the statute of limitations for filing childhood sexual abuse-related civil suits from two years to 10. Washington state similarly extended the statute …

May 1, 2019

Lessons From the PG&E Bankruptcy: Managing Key Customer and Credit Risks Is Critical

The bankruptcy filing in late January 2019 by the California utility PG&E Corporation is the latest example of how a significant event at one organization can have ripple effects through the ecosystem of companies that do business with that organization. In an interconnected global economy, every company must understand its markets and growth opportunities while …

February 9, 2018

How (Not) to Wind Down a Business

When your business needs to close, it’s almost like a death in the family. You probably feel like running away. But you can’t just check out mentally, because too many people are counting on you. You need to be proactive, so you can leave everyone in a better position, including yourself. So what should―or shouldn’t―you do …

December 6, 2017

6 Warning Signs Your Business Might Be in Trouble

All too often, the failure of a business catches management, owners, lenders and investors by surprise. When you’re focused on day-to-day operations, problems can develop unnoticed, so your organization could already be in danger by the time you realize something’s wrong. Every business faces challenges. Senior management needs to rely on the fundamentals to understand the …