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February 4, 2020

To Keep Growing, Mid-Market Companies Need the Right Tools

As a mid-market company grows, its owners and managers need stronger technology tools to sustain those results. Spreadsheets and accounting packages better suited for a small startup just aren’t enough anymore. Your basic financial results – captured by your profit and loss statement – remain important, of course. But you also need to improve your …

October 25, 2019

Building Basic Processes to Help Your Business Grow

One of the most common mistakes we see small companies make is relying on cumbersome processes that waste time, money and energy that could be better devoted to helping the business grow or serving customers. Too many small companies, especially in the early stages, carry out basic financial or HR tasks manually. All too often, …

May 9, 2017

Accurate Finance Reporting: Tips & Tricks

Many times we see clients struggle to create reports that pull the correct data from their accounting system or corporate performance management (CPM) solution. The data has been loaded into the system correctly, but building queries or reports by hand can cause headaches if data is suddenly coded to new GL accounts or new departments …

September 8, 2015

Cloud Integration Considerations CloudExpo Features Dave Burlington

Cloud Expo recently shared some insights from Armanino’s Cloud Solutions partner Dave Burlington on how cloud is changing the business world and how to avoid cloud silos. (Check out the full article Avoiding Cloud Silos on the Cloud Expo blog). Burlington comments on the open marketplace created by the Cloud, “Department managers buy best-of-breed solutions for marketing …

July 16, 2015

Cloud Accounting Benchmark Survey 2015

    Benchmark your Cloud accounting software adoption against your peers. Cloud Accounting Institute’s 2015 Cloud Accounting Benchmark Survey is now available and we invite finance professionals in any industry to take the survey! Participants will receive a copy of the final Benchmark Report when it becomes available. You will learn about the latest cloud …

April 23, 2015

7 Key Considerations for Growing Global SaaS Organizations

As you scale and build your SaaS Company there are 7 key areas to optimize in order to ensure stable and long-term growth. It’s important to lay out the foundation, game plan and strategy for these key areas prior to gaining momentum with your growth as an expanding global organization. This article will cover seven …

February 11, 2015

3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Productivity in the Cloud

Have you transitioned to the cloud but still have a number of items on your to do list to increase your productivity in the cloud? If you said yes, then you are in good company. Here are three areas I recommend investing your time this year to maximize the benefits of going cloud. Go Paperless …

December 23, 2014

Embracing Cloud Accounting Technologies

Though cloud accounting has become increasingly prevalent, there are still concerns holding back some businesses. However, avoiding the cloud due to potential risks could prove riskier than planning for those risks. In a recent article from Accounting Technology, the risks are weighed against the benefits. As the article notes, “Mobile technologies are here to stay and …

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