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June 17, 2015

Cloud-Based Accounting Software Takes Safe Data to a New Level

Hackers and thieves have gotten a lot smarter in the last few decades. An office used to be a safe place for keeping data without the fear that at any moment it could be compromised. Now, computers are always vulnerable, despite firewalls, anti-virus software, and backups of data (which are usually only done after a …

December 23, 2014

Embracing Cloud Accounting Technologies

Though cloud accounting has become increasingly prevalent, there are still concerns holding back some businesses. However, avoiding the cloud due to potential risks could prove riskier than planning for those risks. In a recent article from Accounting Technology, the risks are weighed against the benefits. As the article notes, “Mobile technologies are here to stay and …

February 25, 2014

Moving ERP to the Cloud—Security, TCO & Integration Considerations

Thinking about moving to the cloud? Well, you might have some questions about the process. Last week, Armanino hosted a webinar on Moving your ERP System to the Cloud. During the presentation, the experts covered what concerns were top of mind for companies considering this move and how to best navigate the change. The 2013 …

May 31, 2013

5 Considerations For Cloud Vendor Partnerships

Source: The 5 Points to Consider When Evaluating Cloud Vendor Partnerships from AccountingToday Cloud computing is increasingly being embraced by enterprises of all sizes for application delivery with CEOs and CFOs taking on a new comfort level with the cloud based on their own personal usage, however many value added solution providers are taking note …

March 26, 2013

Migrating to Cloud Accounting Systems, Integration, and Security

Intacct recently interviewed Lindy Antonelli, consulting partner at Armanino LLP and founder of the Cloud Accounting Institute for their Industry Insights blog series. Topics such as migrating to cloud accounting systems, integration, and cloud security were discussed. Continue reading to see the full interview.

December 10, 2012

AICPA Digital CPA Survey

“We’re at a defining moment in the accounting profession,” said Erik Asgeirsson, president and CEO of CPA2Biz. “It’s now possible for small- and medium-sized businesses to tap powerful technologies that make them more productive and offer faster, better insight into financial decision-making. But most of these companies need a tech-savvy business advisor to help them …

November 5, 2012

Microsoft Shares Study on Cloud Usage for SMBs

In a recent study of 3,000 SMBs in 13 countries, Microsoft found that cloud usage is surging, thereby leveling the playing field for small and midsize businesses. Marco Limena, vice president, Operator Channels, Microsoft, stated, “Gone are the days of large enterprises holding the keys to enterprise-class IT and services. The cloud levels the playing …

October 10, 2012

Security and Cloud Accounting Systems

One of the top concerns of those looking into cloud accounting systems is the security factor. Many are uncomfortable with moving a system to the cloud because of security issues, which is why panelists discussed the truth about security and cloud accounting at this year’s Techweek conference during the Transforming Finance in the Cloud seminar. Below, …

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