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October 15, 2020

Your Business Should Revolve Around Your Forecast (Not Vice Versa)

I had an interesting discussion recently with a company leader who said they can’t forecast past three months because their pipeline couldn’t provide visibility beyond a three-month window. And, their pipeline was actually only “good” at the next four weeks of forecast, but it has some deals that might take three months to close. This …

February 27, 2020

Enhancing Finance Leadership to Propel Company Growth

As a middle-market company matures, finance leadership becomes more central to its operations and new opportunities emerge for finance leaders to play strategic roles in driving the organization forward. The most effective CFOs at growing companies transform the finance function beyond its rear-facing reporting approach into an influential source of innovation that leverages financial and …

February 4, 2020

To Keep Growing, Mid-Market Companies Need the Right Tools

As a mid-market company grows, its owners and managers need stronger technology tools to sustain those results. Spreadsheets and accounting packages better suited for a small startup just aren’t enough anymore. Your basic financial results – captured by your profit and loss statement – remain important, of course. But you also need to improve your …

January 29, 2020

Why You Need a Tax Strategy for Business Licenses

Business licenses are required for businesses operating in most cities. Depending on your location, and where you have staff, you are likely required to file a business license tax return.  This is a local tax, and it can be quite burdensome.  Note that unlike income tax returns, which are based on profit (taxable income), many …

Finding the Right Leaders for Your Middle-Market Company

People usually fill multiple roles in a startup’s early days. But at some point, having the COO help pack orders or the controller buy office supplies becomes unsustainable. As your company reaches the middle-market and attracts larger customers and, potentially, outside investors, management roles become more specialized and require skills that are different than the …

January 2, 2020

Optimizing Your Middle-Market Company’s Finance Function

As a startup graduates to the middle market, its finance function needs to become more complex, and its finance team has to provide management and investors with more detailed information about the company’s performance, growth opportunities and challenges. For a mid-market company to thrive, you have to go beyond the “are we making money, and …

December 11, 2019

Do You Have a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for Specialized Accounting and HR?

After surviving the startup phase and several years of business, it’s common for companies to have one to three accounting generalists staffing the back office, covering day-to-day tasks.  But this is also when a business typically starts to have some very specialized accounting, payroll and HR requirements that their teams can’t handle. Companies at this …

December 3, 2019

Outgrown Your Accounting and HR? Try Outsourcing

Some of the first things companies outgrow? Their accounting and human resources. As work volume builds, it often becomes impossible for these overstretched teams to keep up.


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