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November 28, 2012

Equity Compensation – Modifications, Audits, Cloud – FREE Webinar

A recent article from Kimberly Kovacs of Accounting Today identified how cloud or SaaS models can streamline the equity compensation audit process. Present-day equity compensation programs face the following challenges, no longer manageable with the use of spreadsheets: Increasingly complicated expensing and reporting requirements An expansion in award types and situations that require modification accounting …

November 26, 2012

Cloud Accounting Brightens the Outlook on a Gloomy Economy

The end of the fiscal year is approaching—the time when many companies finally pull the trigger on IT purchases from their fiscal year budget.  This year decisions are being made amid the fear, uncertainty, and doubt generated by the “fiscal cliff,” the tax changes and program cuts that will automatically go into effect if Congress …

September 30, 2012

Cloud Accounting: Speed of Implementation Video

The 2012 Techweek Chicago Conference and Expo was held June 22-26, and attracted 2,127 attendees including tech start-ups from around the world, along with exhibitors and media. Importantly, the Cloud Accounting Institute was represented with Lindy Antonelli as a panelist for the seminar entitled Transforming Finance in The Cloud, along with other panelists from tech start-ups (listed below) …

July 30, 2012

Cloud Accounting Benchmark Study Available

The results of a  benchmark study from the Cloud Accounting Institute on cloud accounting, or Software as a Service (SaaS) are now available. This year, a national survey was conducted to analyze the following: Cloud adoption status Key expected benefits of cloud solutions Key concerns of cloud solutions Expectations of cloud solutions The survey served …

June 18, 2012

Techweek 2012: Transforming Finance in The Cloud Seminar

Information Technology (IT) is shifting rapidly from on-premise software and hardware, to Software as a Service (SaaS), or Cloud solutions. The reasons are significant cost savings, rapid return on investment, and performance/productivity gains. This shift inspired the creation of the seminar: Transforming Finance in The Cloud at this year’s Techweek conference at the Merchandise Mart, …

June 6, 2012

Cloud Accounting Best Practices: Webinar Summary

The Cloud Accounting Institute Passed a milestone. We communicated the results of our first study in a well-attended Cloud Accounting Best Practices Webinar on May 30. Today we offer those results as a report, “Software as a Service for Accounting: Benchmark Study (2012),” for the sake of those who could not attend. We knew this wave …

May 29, 2012

SaaS: A Tale of Two Surveys

Accounting Today’s 2012 Technology Outlook survey of CPA firms found that “Despite the interest in and need for improved information technology, particularly when it comes to data security, many CPA firms continue to lack any formal  IT planning… A surprisingly large number of survey takers – almost a third – noted that 10 percent or more …

April 25, 2012

Cloud Accounting Best Practices Webinar FREE – May 30, 2012 1PM CDT

Save the date – Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 1:00 pm CDT. That’s when the Cloud Accounting Institute will sponsor its first Best Practices webinar. I hope you will join us.

March 31, 2012

QuickBooks to Cloud: Compare the TCO

Outgrowing QuickBooks is a gradual process. Unless there is a compelling reason to migrate, such as an acquisition, organizational inertia tends to take hold and delay the process of selecting a replacement. Just staying put seems like a safe option, but is it?

January 28, 2012

SaaS Shared Services: Back to the Future

The old folks say there is nothing new under the the sun. That saying never made sense to me when I was younger. I belong to a generation that saw amazing inventions in computing and telecommunications come seemingly out of the blue to transform the way we live and work. Now, with over 20 years …

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