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August 4, 2020

I consistently get an error message on Tab 8 Forgiveness App Data Entry that says “We have detected an error. Please enter “0” in the accompanying field in the bank portal and continue the process of data entry.” What am I doing wrong?

Posted by Armanino Financial Advisory Team

You are doing nothing wrong. For some borrowers, your Forgiveness Calculation Model has a Tab 8 for entering data into the bank portal. If your model does not have this tab, it’s because your bank does not require it. If this error is displayed, it is because you are using an older version of Excel than the version used to create the model. Most older versions do not have the capability to read and execute some of the advanced commands that were necessary to prepare this complex of a model, and so the calculations would not display properly. It’s okay, the model isn’t broken and works just fine. Simply follow the instructions — enter “0” in the appropriate box in the bank portal’s workflow and continue with data entry and documentation upload. Following the initial review of your data, you will be sent a “replica Schedule A” and a copy of the unlocked and properly calculated Forgiveness Calculation Model for your records. You will use this “replica Schedule A” to go back to the bank portal and enter the correct figures where you previously entered “0”. From there, you will be able to complete your official forgiveness application.

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