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July 23, 2020

Our loan funded on April 16 and we will most likely exhaust our funds with our next payroll cycle on June 16. Since business has not picked up at all, we will need to furlough an FTE. What date can we do the termination and be able to fully forgive their payroll without getting disqualified because we let them go too early?

Posted by Armanino Financial Advisory Team

If you choose an eight-week Covered Period, that ended on June 10. Your June 16 payroll cycle is past the Covered Period, meaning you would only be able to get forgiveness on the amount you incurred through June 10. You would be free to furlough the employee at any time after 6/10. If you determined that you needed the entire cost of the June 16 payroll, then you would have changed the picture significantly: your 24-week Covered Period will run through September 30 and any furlough you do during those 24 weeks will impact your FTE Reduction Factor unless you file your forgiveness application prior to the furlough. Model this carefully.

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