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July 23, 2020

We have employees who were part-time before, during and remained so after our Covered Period. Will that create a deduction in forgiveness because they are working less than 40 hours?

Posted by Armanino Financial Advisory Team

Not likely. Part-time employees during your Covered Period will be calculated at either the actual FTE level (such as 0.8 FTE) or the simplified FTE level (where all part-time staff are counted as 0.5 regardless of how many hours they worked on average). The same approach you use to calculate this numerator must be applied to your calculation of the denominator during your baseline period as well. So, if your part-time employee worked a steady 24 hours per week in both the baseline and covered periods, they will count as 0.6 FTE in both — hence, no reduction. If, on the other hand, hours for the employee were less in the Covered Period (say, 16 hours per week, or 0.4 FTE), then that employee would create a reduction in your total FTEs by 0.2 assuming you used the actual FTE calculation and not the simplified method.

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