Promoting Diversity and Inclusion Through Open Conversations
With June Pride Month celebrations taking place at the same time that we are devastated by recent events of racism and social injustice in our society, we sat down with Chief People Officer Carol Ann Nash, General Counsel Sarah Harris and Senior Consultant Brian Mullinax, to learn more about how the IDEAL (Inclusion of Diverse Employees and Leaders) team is responding.
COVID Recovery Tracker Adds Data on Foot Traffic, Home Versus Away and Transportation
Armanino’s Chief People Officer, Carol Ann Nash, recently shared how our COVID Recovery Tracker has been helping her check county-by-county case data. Looking at GPS data allowed the team to create even more trackers.


Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month With Armanino’s IDEAL Team

We’re highlighting the diverse cultures and histories of our Hispanic and Latinx employees.

Reexamining the Definition of a National Firm

It’s not about size or locations, it’s about being able to effectively serve clients located anywhere from anywhere.

SPACs: The Fast Track to Going Public With Reverse Mergers

Reverse mergers with SPACs can be a great way to go public and increase liquidity faster and with potentially less risk.

How Changing Unemployment Benefits May Impact Businesses

The end of expanded unemployment benefits will not only have far-reaching effects for individuals, but companies as well. Learn what you can do to prepare.

Driving Strength through Togetherness and Collective Creativity

Armanino’s rallying cry for the times we are in is empowering our people to continue serving clients by focusing on what’s most relevant today.
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