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Thursday, May 12, 2011

YouTube Now Helping Out Nonprofits

Posted by Dean Quiambao

One of the big things we hear from our clients is how a successful outreach campaign can be difficult to achieve because of the cost. Thanks to a new program by YouTube, that may not be the case anymore. YouTube has launched a new program that is helping nonprofit organizations get their videos organized, online and then delivering them to the world’s largest online community.

Of course, you must have videos to take part in this program. If you do you’re already halfway there. If not, consider picking up your smart phone and start shooting. The energy behind YouTube is derived from user generated content, so don’t feel like you have to be George Lucas to post something!

We’re happy to see YouTube giving nonprofits new ways to bring their message to the world by providing powerful tools and outreach with little to no cost. Read more about it at YouTube.

We have started down this path of video communication, as well. Check out this video about our private school practice. You may see and hear someone you know ….

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