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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Why Nonprofits are Demanding More from their Software

Posted by Armanino Nonprofit Team

When it comes to your nonprofit’s fundraising goals, having top software programs and tools to streamline your efforts are increasingly important to your organization’s sustainability and mission. These programs can help you efficiently manage your donor base, maintain relationships, engage donors and raise more funds. Over the past few years, nonprofits have been switching from manual processes to software and are now demanding integrated software that can produce more functionality, consolidate data and keep up with their growing organizations.

A recent survey conducted by Software Advice has shown that many nonprofits are upgrading their donor management and fundraising software to add functionality, increase efficiency and retain existing donors. According to those surveyed, the highest demand is for software that incorporates email marketing, automated acknowledgements, direct-mail marketing and online donations. These functionalities help engage donors, build relationships and in turn keep the contributions coming in.

Personalized messaging is an important factor in donor communications and engagement. However, it is hard to manage with more than a handful of contributors. Software with added marketing capabilities makes this possible and simplifies the tedious process.

For efficiency with these types of communications, programs equipped with CRM capabilities and database integration tools are the best choice. Nonprofit software should be able to help with donor tracking, revenue reporting, automatic receipts and more.

In addition to the demand for individual donor management and fundraising software to add functions, nonprofits also want their software to operate in sync with other platforms. These platforms include accounting programs, websites and social media. Software companies are working to make this happen along with combining fundraising, donor management and CRM systems into one program.

What does the future hold?

The nonprofit technology stack needs additional functionality. Marketing automation features are being added, integration across platforms is happening, and fundraising, donor management and CRM systems are morphing into one system. Nonprofits are going to need a software partner that understands how their ideal technology stack works together with other systems across the organization including finance systems such as budgeting and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

It seems as though nonprofits will easily be able to streamline operations to meet the needs of their growing organizations, worry less about tedious processes and focus more on their core missions.

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