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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rethinking Sustainability: A Focus on Flexibility, Efficiency & Impact

Posted by Paul O'Grady

For the past four years, Armanino has brought you our annual Nonprofit Symposium—a free, half-day event for nonprofit industry leaders that offers education and networking around today’s leading nonprofit finance issues, as well as an opportunity for continuing education (CE) credit. This year marks our 5th anniversary.

To celebrate half a decade, we’ve highlighted our keynote speakers from each year. Take a look:

2012: Evolution of the Nonprofit CFO
Willa Seldon, Partner at The Bridgespan Group, was our keynote in 2012. She holds an MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, a J.D. from Yale Law School and an A.B. in Economics from Bryn Mawr College. Willa has transformed organizations, led them to viability and established systems that enable organizations to better achieve their mission and long-term sustainability.

2013: Technology & Reporting: Learn. Apply. Thrive.
The 2013 symposium was unique, as we opted to go without a keynote speaker. Instead, the focus was on a group of speakers and panelists from a variety of organizations. Experts shared benchmarks, analytics and technology that were producing the best-in-class results to support mission-critical objectives. Speakers included Amanda Casey of Playworks, Patrick Duggan of TechSoup Global, Fred McNutt of Campbell Hall and Joan Catherine Braun of United Way of the Bay Area.

2014: Nonprofit Know How: Turning Bright Ideas into Best Practices
In 2014 Jeanne Bell, the CEO of CompassPoint, addressed the notion of CFOs as leaders—not just as expert managers, but as change agents and educators within their nonprofits. She talked about current leadership and change management theory, as well as her real-life experience as a CEO, a former CFO and consultant to senior staff across all mission types and business models.

2015: Recent to Cutting Edge: Renovating the Nonprofit Approach to Finance
Last year Christopher Thornberg, Founding Partner of Beacon Economics, took the stage to discuss the economic outlook in the Bay Area. Christopher is an expert in economic forecasting, regional economics, employment and labor markets, economic policy and industry and real estate analysis. He was one of the earliest and most accurate predictors of the subprime mortage market crash that began in 2007, and of the global economic recession that followed.

2016: Rethinking Sustainability: A Focus on Flexibility, Efficiency and Impact
As you can see, we’ve had some great speakers over the last four years. This year we are excited to announce Vu Le, Founder of Nonprofit with Balls and Executive Director of Rainier Valley Corps, as our keynote. Vu will address the topic of sustainability, discussing the current state of the nonprofit industry, as well as where he sees the sector in the next five-plus years. His discussion will center around equity, diversity and inclusion, meta-innovation and the critical role that finance leaders and their teams play in the sector.

Additional speakers for 2016 include:

We’ll also be featuring some of Armanino’s own nonprofit experts including Dean Quiambao, Tom Schulte, Michael Boulton, David Miller, Renee Ordeneaux, Scott Schimberg, me and more.

The 5th Annual Nonprofit Symposium will be the biggest one yet and we are expanding our reach by offering the same event in two locations—San Francisco and Beverly Hills—back to back. It will take place on Wednesday, July 13th at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco and Thursday, July 14th at the Montage Beverly Hills. We hope to see you there!

For more information, our complete speaker list and to register to attend, visit If you have questions about the event, contact Debbie Fossum at [email protected].

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